Chris Cuomo Goes Off On ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts For Their Utter Adoration Of Trump

Chris Cuomo Goes Off On ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts For Their Utter Adoration Of Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy in 2015, some TV personalities were quite supportive of him. The co-hosts of the MSNBC show Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, have immediately shown that they’re his biggest fans.

Recent reports show that this may have been a beneficial move for them now that Trump has been elected. Brzezinski was seen entering the Trump Tower on Tuesday to attend some type of meeting, but there aren’t many details on what its purpose was. Scarborough was confirmed to have provided advice to Trump on who should be selected to fill various positions related to national security.

Some in the media world, particularly those who oppose Trump, see this as a conflict of interest. CNN host Chris Cuomo has shown to be quite upset about the connections between Donald Trump and the Morning Joe co-hosts. He recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts, posting that the co-hosts “have always been boosters” for Trump and that they’re now serving as his “transition spokesmen.”

Trump has criticized CNN lately for what he perceived as biased coverage of him all throughout the electoral campaign. Cuomo has also responded to that on Twitter, showing that while Trump has spent a lot of time and effort bashing CNN, his campaign has often been shown relying on them for news, even retweeting CNN Politics about election results. In another tweet, Cuomo made it clear that he didn’t agree with Trump’s decision to tweet about flag burning, while there are more important issues to talk about, such as the economy or conflicts at home and abroad.

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