BREAKING: Louisiana Officials Say Trump NEVER Donated “Truckload” Of Supplies

BREAKING: Louisiana Officials Say Trump NEVER Donated “Truckload” Of Supplies

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent visit to Louisiana to survey the storm damage and offer assistance is stirring up yet another controversy for the embattled business mogul turned politician. Although Trump alleges that he “donated” an entire truckload full of goods, a reporter from the Washington Post has uncovered evidence that local government officials are disputing Trump’s claim that he donated goods, cash or anything else.

A spokesman for Ascension Parish where the alleged truckload of Trump donated goods was sent told a Washington Post reporter that they had no information about a donation truck coming directly from Donald Trump.

In addition, Trump campaign officials bragged that the Donald opened up his purse as well to help Louisiana residents, allegedly giving $100,000 to the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund. But now when contacted by that same Washington Post reporter, Fund officials have refused to either confirm or deny that they have received a sizeable donation of cash from Donald Trump.

Many individuals who oppose Trump’s march to the White House are claiming that his appearance in Louisiana was merely just another publicity stunt. They allege that he only stood in the line of workers unloading a truckload of supplies for about a minute, and that his assertion that he donated a truckload’s worth of much needed supplies plus an additional $100,000 is merely a fairy tale meant to shore up his image.

Trump has a history of exaggerating his accomplishments only to make himself look good. A growing number of Democrats are crying foul about his recent claims of providing financial support to the flood-stricken residents of Louisiana and are demanding that he put up or shut up and offer some sort of documentation about either the truckload donation of supplies or the cash donation he allegedly sent to the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund.

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