He Observed His Elderly Neighbor’s Routine – Swooped in When She Was Outside and Made Headlines

Most people have their preferred methods for staying ahead of their yardwork; some tackle it alone while others prefer to pay another individual or company to periodically maintain it. For seniors who are low on cash, yet also unable to work and draw a sustainable income, the options are limited. Because of this, many seniors are left with the physically demanding task of taking care of their lawns by themselves.

Surprisingly, two men by the names of Rodney Smith Jr. and Terrence Stroy are making changes in the lives of people such as a 93 year old woman who was having trouble staying on top of her lawn’s upkeep. For a while, both Smith and Stroy watched their 93 year old neighbor struggle to maintain her lawn until they decided to intervene and offer their help free of cost! While some people would view the senior’s difficulty with maintaining her law as a money-making opportunity, Smith and Stroy saw it as an opportunity to lend a cost-free, helping hand.

Smith and Stroy’s elderly neighbor prefers to remain anonymous despite the story going viral, but the selfless gesture of the two men has been noticed on a widespread, global scale. Both Smith and Stroy are currently enrolled in university, but they still make time to offer their help to people in need.

As the story of the men’s generosity became more widely recognized, it infectiously inspired other people across the country to follow in their foot steps.

What makes this story so remarkable is that neither Smith or Stroy charge a dime for the services they offer. They understand that some people cannot meet the financial or physical demands of staying ahead of their lawncare, so they offer their time and help where they can.

It wouldn’t be long before Smith would go on to create an official, pro bono lawncare service for people who genuinely need it. The service, entitled Raising Men Lawn Care Service, is operated mostly by young kids who also selflessly offer their help to the less fortunate. Smith believes the kids’ help with this charitable servce will also help them grow into genuine, positive adults.

To cover the costs of the lawncare service, Smith began a GoFundMe campaign which inevitably raised over a whopping $40,000. All proceeds have been completely invested entirely back in the yardwork service. For example, with donations, Smith could afford organization t-shirts, yardwork equipment, drinks and snacks to keep everyone working hard through warmer days, and much more.

It’s not every day you see this kind of generosity in people! If this story touched you or inspired you to offer your own help to others in need, be sure to leave a comment below and share this story with your friends and family.

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