Kid Hands A Cop Is A Folded Napkin With A Simple, Powerful Message Scribbled On It

Police officers risk their lives every day to keep us safe. They do not ask for our appreciation, but they are always grateful when it is extended. Kansas City Police Officer Rance Quinn was out to lunch with a coworker one afternoon and was able to see firsthand how much he is appreciated by his community.

As Quinn was eating his meal at the local Chili’s restaurant, a teenage girl approached them. Without saying a word she placed a napkin on their table and quietly walked away with her family. Officer Quinn looked at the napkin and read the five words,

“Thanks for keeping us safe.”

Quinn was touched that they took the time to recognize his work. But, that was not all that the family did that day. When Quinn was ready to pay his bill, the waiter informed him that the family had also paid for their lunch. Quinn was really feeling valued in that moment, but his day of appreciation was not over just yet.

Before the officers left the restaurant they were approached by a woman and her two children. Her boy saw the officers and really wanted to meet them. As it turned out, both the boy and his mother were deaf. The woman explained how much they admired those who serve. She had even dreamed of becoming an officer herself one day, but due to her disability that was not possible.

Officer Quinn and his coworker were happy to take a few moments to speak with the family. Before they parted, the mother gave the officer a gift card. She explained that it was her intention to pay for their lunch but that the other family had already done it. Still, she wanted them to know that she and her family were grateful for their service.

Hearing the kind words from strangers lifted Officer Quinn that day. He now carries the napkin with him when on duty to remind him, that even during the hardest days, there are good people out there that respect what he does.

In the spirit of public service, Officer Quinn quietly passed along the gift card to another family in need.

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