Mark Cuban Makes Fun Of Trump’s Stupidity – Totally Hilarious

Mark Cuban Makes Fun Of Trump’s Stupidity – Totally Hilarious

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump aren’t exactly friends. That was made clear when Hillary Clinton invited Cuban to the first Presidential debate and Trump responded by complaining loudly, writing nasty Twitter messages and threatening to invite some of the women Bill Clinton cheated with. Mark Cuban seems to find the entire situation hilarious and continues to needle Trump online and during interviews.

Cuban sees himself as the perfect foil to Donald Trump’s businessman persona. As a billionaire who pulled himself up from his working-class family background to become a Shark Tank star and NBA team owner, Cuban can stand head-to-head with the Donald. He has frequently criticized Trump for his inappropriate comments, failed business dealings and poor temperament. Over the past few months, his words have inflamed Donald, who is not known for taking criticism gracefully.

Mark’s cavalier campaign against Trump continued when he retweeted a passive aggressive Stephen Hawkings quote. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge,” was quickly sent to @realDonaldTrump, probably as Cuban chuckled to himself in the middle of his 24,000 square foot mansion.

Trump has been frequently criticized for his limited policy stances, with some detractors claiming he lacks the experience or intelligence to be the President of the United States. Given his previous responses to negative comments and prolific Twitter usage, it’s unlikely that Donald Trump will let this remark slide.

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