Mom Discovers Children Praying Instead of Eating

Mom Discovers Children Praying Instead of Eating

Children have hearts and minds that are often innocent. They don’t know the pain of the world or the stress that adults face on a daily basis. Three young girls showed their mother, Rutha Andrew, that they care about other people and that they aren’t afraid to talk to God.

Rutha has always told her children that it’s important to pray before meals. She has taught them that it only takes a few moments to say a quick thank you for all of the blessings in life and for the food that is on the table.

Rutha and her children were sitting at a picnic table to enjoy their breakfast when she stepped away for a few seconds to get some milk. When she got back to the table, she saw a scene that warmed her heart.

The three little girls were holding hands and saying a prayer at the table. The picture that was taken of the girls was posted online, and it has been shared over 50,000 times. The mother is proud of her girls. It’s more than just the cute factor of the picture. The girls show that if young girls can pray and join together as they are of different races, then everyone can put aside their differences.

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