Mom Notices How Day Care Worker Treats Her Child, And Hands Her An Envelope…

Brittney Nichols can proudly wear the moniker of a good samaritan. Brittney would drop her daughter 2-year old daughter off at Benton Preschool every day. One of the employees at the daycare, Christy, was always happy and full of joy every time Brittney dropped her daughter off. Brittney had complete confidence that her daughter was always in good hands with the daycare and Christy

One day, as Brittney was driving, she noticed Christy walking to church in her blue Sunday church dress holding a bible under one arm. Brittney thought to herself that the church was too far for Christy to walk too each Sunday. After Brittney did a little digging about Christy, she was informed that Christy did not own a car.

After learning about Christy’s situation, Brittney kicked things into overdrive and immediately started a campaign to raise money to buy Christy a car. For the next three weeks, Brittney diligently pursued donations from the community and raised enough money to buy Christy a preowned Chevy Cavalier.

The money that was left over from the purchase was enough to enroll Christy in a driving lesson and pay for insurance. It goes to show that people with large hearts still exist in this country.

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