Science Proves That Half Of All Trump Supporters Are, In Fact, Deplorable Chumps

Hillary Clinton recently made comments about those who support Donald Trump being deplorable. Supporters of Trump have been complaining about Hillary’s comments ever since, but there could be proof that those who support the man running for president could be deplorable. Jamelle Bouie is a political correspondent on “Face the Nation.” He gave a few scientific facts on a recent episode that back up what Hillary said in her speech in early September, 2016.

Trump has about 43 percent of the voting population on his side. This is about 30 million people. When you look at the 60 percent of Republicans who would rather vote for Barack Obama instead of Trump, the numbers show a completely different story than what Trump wants people to believe about his success.

There are about 40 percent of Republicans who think that black people and Muslims are more violent than other races. Close to 70 percent of the people who support Trump do agree with racist statements that he has made.

While Hillary could have phrased her comments a little differently, it seems that she might be right in thinking that some of the Trump supporters are deplorable to an extent. The people who support Trump shouldn’t get upset at all when they are called racist because that’s how they come off to the rest of the country.

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