Teen Attacked By Stranger, Keeps It A Secret for 89 years – Then Notices Her Body Is ‘Changing’

Sixteen-year-old Minka Disbrow’s life changed forever in 1928. She was walking through the woods with her friend. When Minka and her friend separated, she was attacked by three older men.

Minka did not realize how devastating the effects of the attack were until her body started changing. She was pregnant, and her family decided to hide the pregnancy. Minka gave birth to a baby girl at home, who was immediately put up for adoption.

Minka sent letters to her baby girl, whose name is Mary Jane, for many years. Minka prayed every day that she would get to see her daughter before she died. She eventually received the phone call that she was waiting for. Minka and Betty Jane were finally reunited. The two talked as though they already knew each other.

Minka stated that even though her daughter was 78-years-old, she still considered Betty Jane to be her baby girl. The mother and daughter’s touching reunion was videotaped. The video has been placed on YouTube and been viewed over one million times. Minka also wrote a book about the experiences she had being raped and having to put her daughter up for an adoption. She also talked about wanting to see her daughter again. Minka passed away in 2014 at the age of 102.

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