The ALL Ignored This Dog – Until Homeless Woman Looks Closely And Sees The Note Around His Neck

A dog was sitting on a sidewalk while everyone ignored him. He was a homeless dog with a note attached to his collar. Lisa Snyder is a homeless woman who lives in her van with her three cats. She didn’t have a lot of money to buy food or much of anything else, but when she saw the dog, she knew that she had to do something to help him.

Lisa found the dog tied to a pole. The note asked that someone take him home. The dog appeared scared when Lisa found him, and he was shaking from being left tied for a long period of time. No one else bothered to look at him or to even see what the note said.

Since it was late in the evening, Lisa knew that the animal shelter was closed. Lisa took it upon herself to help the dog. Lisa managed to get a hold of his leash and calm him down because he was starting to bark at other people.

She didn’t think that it was his nature to act in that manner. Lisa thought that she might find a police officer while walking down the sidewalk.

She walked three miles with the dog, Joey, to the animal shelter. Forte Animal Rescue rescued him, and Joey was finally adopted by a loving family. The community heard about Lisa and her struggles.

A fund was set up to raise money for her, and she has been able to get her van fixed because of the attention she received from helping a dog that was tied to a pole.

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