The Sunflower He Handed To A Crying Stranger Was A Sign From Her Deceased Fiancé…

The Sunflower He Handed To A Crying Stranger Was A Sign From Her Deceased Fiancé…

A man from Seattle named Danny Wakefield recounted a beautiful event on Facebook that may cause some people to pay more attention to coincidental events occurring during daily life. His profound story also demonstrates the power of love to endure, despite misfortunes or unwelcome separations.

A humble flower plays a key role in his account. He purchased a Sunflower for five dollars. The plant, the state flower of Kansas, displays lovely huge blossoms with brilliant yellow petals surrounding a large brownish interior disc. The vivid, bright flower sometimes symbolizes happiness, loyalty and optimism. Sunflowers growing in the ground will actually move during the day as the head of the flower tracks the course of the sun across the sky, changing its position to follow the rays of light.

Danny Wakefield reported that he initially bought the flower intending to give it as a gift to a friend who had inspired him. However, after reconsidering, he decided the present might not prove appropriate. Yet unwilling to dispose of the plant, he resolved to find a good home for it. He carried the sunflower with him on his way out the door one morning hoping to bestow it upon a stranger.

Mr. Wakefield indicated that he usually stops for a quick snack in the morning. That day, he followed his customary routine. While sitting at his table consuming a cup of coffee, he noticed a woman reading at another table. Tears silently streamed down her face. He suddenly realized that the sunflower seemed destined for her.

Danny Wakefield reports that the plant appeared to carry an almost magnetic attraction leading him towards the woman. He transported the sunflower to her table and explained that he had planned to give the plant to someone special that morning and he wanted her to accept it.

No sooner had he offered the gift, than the stranger hugged him, full of tears and gratitude. When they talked, he discovered she had just lost her fiance during the previous week. She grieved for him. She told him her late sweetheart had always brought sunflowers to her instead of roses to symbolize their love, and that he had called her the sunshine in his life. Danny Wakefield’s gift of the bright yellow flower really meant a lot to her. It represented a gesture of love from beyond the grave.

Danny Wakefield appreciated that he had given his sunflower plant to exactly the right person. He would write that the experience moved him deeply, too. In fact, the encounter changed his life. He observed the incident reveals that people can bring immense joy to others even through very simple acts of kindness!

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