Trump Campaign Manager Caught On Tape Calling Trump Supporters: “Downright Nasty”

Trump Campaign Manager Caught On Tape Calling Trump Supporters: “Downright Nasty”

It’s pretty much been established that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is bigoted, coarse and mean-spirited. After all, he called Mexican immigrants rapists, denigrated war hero Sen. John McCain, made crude remarks about Megyn Kelly’s period–and that was only the start.

Now it’s come to light that, in a rare moment of political honesty, Trump’s own campaign manager Kellyanne Conway stated that Trump’s supporters are themselves “downright nasty.” Like attracts like, right? She added that they were “way over their skeeze.” Are these the supporters that punch people in the face at Trump rallies? I think they are.

Despite his winning the nomination, the Republican party has had a lot of trouble warming up to Trump. And Trump being Trump, he’s had trouble finding people willing to work with him. That’s why he has a running mate who endorsed Ted Cruz and a campaign manager who has criticized him harshly. Conway also said that a lot of people have “suffered” because Trump “built a lot of his businesses on the backs of the little guy.”

Conway tried to put past admissions behind her and live up to her campaign manager job in an interview with Bill Maher. When the HBO host said she was “enabling pure evil,” Conway replied, “Come on, Bill, you can do better than that.” No rebuttal? Then Conway said she was sure Trump would win, calling Hillary Clinton a “lemon.” There you go, Kellyanne, now you’re getting into the spirit of name-calling!

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