VIDEO: A Photographer Met A Girl At A Bus Stop 17 Years Ago, And It Changed His Life!

Rick Guidotti  is an internationally recognized photographer. He has famously photographed many celebrities over the years including models and actors.

One day while at a bus stop, Rick saw a beautiful girl with ivory skin and white hair. The young woman suffered from a rare condition known as albinism. Rick asked in ernest if he could take her picture, but she refused.

When he went home, Rick looked up information on albinism. Unfortunately, to some photography companies beauty is a very specific quality and Rick wasn’t allowed to photograph anyone albino models for several years. His models had to be hot, big haired, and glamerous – nothing less.

The year 1998 arrived, and Rick finally began working for a more open minded company. Since then he has done portraits of people suffering from autism and physical abnormalities. One of the people in his photographs is the girl he saw at the bus stop so many years ago. A lot of the people in this short video are happy that someone has taken the time to take their picture without judgement. One thing is for sure, Rick Guidotti definitely knows how to bring the beauty out of everyone.

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