VIDEO: When Nurses Saw THIS On The Sonogram Even They Started Freaking Out. WHOA!

When a sonogram is performed of a baby, there are some things that the baby might do to make the parents and the doctor exclaim about how cute the baby is in the womb. This is a sonogram that had the doctor telling the parents that they should be filming the event.

The parents went to the doctor at 14 weeks to see their baby. When they saw the baby moving, they noticed that the baby looked to be clapping. The doctor made the comment that the parents should film the clapping so that they would have it in the future. The video of the sonogram was rewound.

When the parents and the doctor saw the baby, the video was played over and over again so that everyone could see the clapping movements. The mother and the doctor started singing a clapping song while the father was recording. It looked like the baby was going right along with the song.

This is a remarkable experience that shows that babies are very much alive before they are born. They seem to hear sounds, and they also appear to interact in ways that even doctors can’t imagine. This sonogram video is something that the parents will surely cherish for years.

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