Young Boy Loses his Health Insurance — Then He Lost His Life.

Young Boy Loses his Health Insurance — Then He Lost His Life.

In a seemingly amazing feat, a young man, age 26, beat testicular cancer. However, it wasn’t exactly what one would call a happy ending. In spite of being told the type of cancer he had never recurs after five years, there was bad news a decade later — the man’s cancer had indeed returned and had spread to his lungs.

The second piece of bad news was that the man had allowed his health insurance to lapse. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. It was thought that after he had passed the five-year mark of being supposedly cancer-free, he no longer needed the insurance.

The man had kept his insurance for several years. However, the clause regarding preexisting condition in his plan caused his premiums to continue increasing to the point where he could no longer afford to pay for them. His mother had promised to cover the costs for him if he was unable to pay, but he failed to tell her about the situation.

For a while, the man had felt off but just chalked it up to an ordinary bug. He didn’t believe it could possibly be cancer because the doctors had told him that he would be fine if he passed the five-year period without a recurrence of his cancer. In addition, once he let his health insurance lapse, he avoided going to the doctor to be checked out. Of course, this was because he was unable to afford it.

There is a big question about the current state of affairs in the United States. Why do people who don’t care about the welfare of people like this young man get elected? They care more about their political futures than the wellbeing of ordinary Americans like him. Why would we allow someone who doesn’t care about anyone but himself to be elected as president?

The man has sadly been gone for eight years by now. His mother is both heartbroken and angry. If the Affordable Care Act is wiped from the history books, there will be many more people in the same situation in the near future.

The legislators are to blame. They don’t care about anything but lining their own pockets. They all need to go and we all need to elect them out of their cushy positions of power.

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